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Dates: MAY 12TH, 2010 – JUNE 19TH, 2010

STRANGE MUSIChits the road to celebrate a decade of independently putting out the most genre-busting music in Hip Hop. Beginning May 2010, we proudly present the “STRANGE DAYS TOUR 2010”! The “STRANGE DAYS TOUR 2010” will bring together some of the most unique forces in independent Hip Hop. Strange Music co-founder TECH N9NE pairs up for this outing with his Strange Music cohorts, Brotha Lynch Hung, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Big Scoob, Prozak and Cognito . The “STRANGE DAYS TOUR 2010” will present fans of Hip Hop a great opportunity to see a diverse range of styles in a format like no other.

TECH N9NE’spresence in the industry refuses to cease its expansion. Known for his hardcore touring ethic and bar-setting stage performances, TECH N9NE continues to up the ante for other touring rap artists. Bringing his memorable hits to the masses, songs like “I’m A Playa”, “Caribou Lou”, “Riotmaker”, “Like Yeah” and “Everybody Move”, TECH N9NE proves he can deliver live as well as on CD. Having released the epic “Killer” in July of 2008, which debuted at Number One on the Billboard Top Independent Album charts and Number Twelve on the Billboard Top 200 Albums, TECH N9NE followed up the groundbreaking double-album with two headlining nationwide tours, providing further evidence that he is the hardest touring artist in Hip Hop. His latest solo album, “K.O.D.”, which debuted at Number One on the Billboard Top Independent Album charts, provided the basis for the 50+ city K.O.D. Tour. Proving that his touring ethic is nothing short of relentless, prior to embarking on the K.O.D. Tour, Tech spent his summer taking part in the 2009 Rock The Bells Tour, which saw him perform alongside such luminaries as Nas, Damien Marley, House of Pain/La Coka Nostra and The Wu Tang Clan. Enjoying the recent successes at radio, as well as winning an MTV Woodie Award, TECH N9NE continues to establish himself as an expanding force in the music industry. TECH N9NE’s most recent project, “THE LOST SCRIPTS OF K.O.D.”, is a musical addendum to the full-length album, “K.O.D.”, adding fuel to an already fervent fire.

BROTHA LYNCH HUNG makes his return to the forefront of the rap scene with his Strange Music debut, “Dinner And A Movie”. Having been a staple of the underground/independent rap scene for years – having sold in excess of 1.4 million albums – Brotha Lynch Hung brings his dark, graphic lyricism to Strange Music on a tour where he promises to make a meal of lesser MCs.

KRIZZ KALIKO, long known for sharing the stage with Tech N9ne and performing on some of Tech’s biggest hits, is in the midst of an uprising. Having recently released his second album under Strange Music, the incomparable “Genius”, which debuted at #3 on the Billboard Rap chart, Krizz Kaliko is gaining recognition throughout the industry for his musical opus. With an energy and presence that demand attention, Krizz steps into the spotlight, well on his way to becoming a noticeable talent in his own right.

KUTT CALHOUN has been hitting the road with Tech N9ne for years, performing alongside the independent superstar and releasing two of his own albums under Strange Music – most recently, “Feature Presentation”. Kutt brings an attention-grabbing presence to the stage – with a flow that rings familiar, almost old-school at times, and dance moves that compliment his fluid, percussive rhymes, he’s an MC that’s not to be missed.

BIG SCOOBbrings a decidedly “street” presence to the label. Having been associated with Tech N9ne for years, Big Scoob is no stranger to the stage, performing his honest and hard-hitting raps to crowds long before being signed to Strange. His first Strange Music album, “Tech N9ne Presents Big Scoob Monsterifik”, is filled with hood anthems and a grit never before seen with Strange.

PROZAK is an undeniable presence and, as the “Hitchcock Of Hip Hop”, brings a powerfully macabre sound, as evidenced on his most recent release, “Tales From The Sick”. Prozak spent 2009 touring with the likes of Twiztid and performing close to 100 shows on his own. With an intense stage show and dark, hard-hitting songs, Prozak never fails to incite the crowd into a heated frenzy.

COGNITO, Strange Music’s newest artist, comes straight from the Bay Area with his debut Strange album, “Automatic”. With clever wordplay and undeniable hooks, Cognito is an energetic performer with lyrical skills to match.

The “STRANGE DAYS TOUR 2010” stands to bring together different styles of Hip Hop to create a unique and diverse tour. It promises to be the type of tour that will meld a wide range of audiences into a single, unified Hip Hop crowd, proving that TECH N9NE and Strange Music continue to change the face and perceptions of Hip Hop.

A key component to the success of this, and other Strange Music Concert Tours, is grassroots promotion. This tour package comes with the experience of proven independents who know how to promote at an organic level and continually bring something new and inventive to their ever-expanding fan base. The “STRANGE DAYS TOUR 2010” is another in a growing list of tours that have made TECH N9NE and Strange Music one of the most consistently successful touring entities in music today.

TECH N9NE – Talent Highlights

· TECH N9NE’s “Killer” (released July 1, 2008), debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Independent chart, #12 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and #8 on the Billboard Rap chart scanning almost 22K units in the 1st week.

· TECH N9NE’s “Sickology 101” (released April 28, 2009), debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top Independent chart and #19 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

· TECH N9NE’s “K.O.D.” (released October 27, 2009), debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Independent chart, #14 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and #7 on the Billboard Rap chart.

· TECH N9NE has SoundScanned over 1.4 million units, making him the most successful independent hip hop artist in history.

· Wide demographic and geographic appeal with over 500 shows in the last few years.

· The video for “Like Yeah”, from “Killer”, featuring cult movie favorite Danny Trejo, was featured on MTVU and MTV JAMZ as well as on BET’s “On Blast”

· Over 4.5 million YouTube video plays.

· TECH N9NE track entitled “The Beast”, from the album “Everready (The Religion)”, was featured on the Madden 06 video game by EA Sports

· TECH N9NE had several songs placed in the movie “Alpha Dog”, which wasreleased January 12, 2007 starring Bruce Willis, Justin Timberlake, Sharon Stone and Emile Hirsch. These TECH N9NE tracks, as well as several bonus tracks, are also featured on the movie’s soundtrack.

· A recent Google search of TECH N9NE found over 1.2 million mentions

· The Official TECH N9NE website carries an Alexa Rating (a rating of the most popular sites on the internet) of 422,000 (3 month traffic average) with 73 other websites linked to

Strange Days Tour – Marketing and Media Highlights

· In support of each individual promoter’s efforts, Strange Music will provide 5,000-25,000 flyers and 200-500 posters per show,in addition to other marketing materials, distributed by our Street Teams in each market

· National Press Releases by Strange Music

· Label assistance with local press and media

· Artists will be available for radio drops as well as radio and print interviews

· Radio prize packs from Strange Music andincluding autographed copies of “K.O.D.”.

Tech N9ne on MySpace

· Over 384,000 MySpace friends since 2004

· Over 72.2 million song plays

· The track “Caribou Lou”, from the album “Everready (The Religion)”, has 12.1 million plays

· The site is averaging over 40,000 visitors a day

· 17.6 million profile views

· 64,000 spam-free comments

· 300 new friend requests a day

· Tech N9ne is in the Top 10 of all Indie artists

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