January 28, 2011

Cut Copy’s new album Zonoscope earns a 8 of 10 rating in SPIN Magazine.

When Cut Copy offer an ostensible remake of Men at Work’s "Down Under" as the lead single from their third studio disc, is it a sign of the Melbourne trio’s chutzpah or of their essential Aussie-ness? Neither, actually: With its lighter-than-air melody and its bouncy, tom-tom-equipped groove, "Take Me Over" reveals Cut Copy’s eagerness to graduate from dance-rock cult act to something more universally admired. It’s an unabashed bid, in other words, for the sunset slot at Coachella, and it’s hardly alone on Zonoscope, which catches Cut Copy in a pop-attuned mode they’ve only hinted at in the past.

Sure, traces of the band’s body-music background crop up, particularly in "Sun God," the album’s throbbing 15-minute bliss-out closer. And with some studio help from Gnarls Barkley/Animal Collective homey Ben H. Allen, Zonoscope is deeply textured enough to seduce any headphone shut-in — dig the gorgeous synth sparkles in "Pharaohs & Pyramids" or the lushly layered ooohs in "Strange Nostalgia for the Future."

But the record works best at its most focused and extroverted, as on the disco-glammy "Where I’m Going" and "Need You Now," a swooning rush of E-fueled harmony. "We’re gonna drift away," frontman Dan Whitford promises over a cascade of white-soul keyboards in "Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat." Go ahead, trust him—he knows the route.

By Mikael Wood

Cut Copy / Zonoscope (MODCD134 / 602527576428 / C11)


January 26, 2011

Link to Pitchfork review of the Cut Copy song “Need You Now” from their Best New Music section today! This is the first track on their highly anticipated new album Zonoscope due February 8th on Modular Records.

Cut Copy / Zonoscope (MODCD134 / 602527576428 / C11)


December 15, 2010

Please see below link David Gray’s performance on Ellen today. David preformed “Only The Wine” off his latest release, Foundling.

David Gray /  Foundling/ (DWT70193/878037019322/JCB)

7.3 Pitchfork Review for Frank Fairfield!

July 15, 2010


Like many people, I was introduced to Frank Fairfield when he opened for Fleet Foxes on their 2008 tour. Prior to taking the stage with his weathered acoustic guitar to play old-time folk-blues songs, he had posted flyers around the venue requesting complete silence during his set. The D.C. crowd generally ignored both his demand and his set, as well they should have with some justification: Seeking to revive an old custom, Fairfield forgot that silence must be earned, that it cannot be decreed as part of an act. It was perhaps not the best first impression of the California-based artist, who devotes himself to the practice and preservation of often obscure pre-rock styles. At times he comes across as a scholar rather than a singer: His self-titled debut had the scratchy atmosphere of an old 78 and the feel of an artifact found deep in a bin at some rural flea market.

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Frank Fairfield / Unheard Of’s & Forgotten Abouts (TSQ2387 / 894807002387 / F13)


June 30, 2010

Instore: Jackie Greene Instore
Venue: the Hard Rock Cafe in San Fransisco
Date: 6/29/10, Tuesday
Time: 6pm

Jackie Greene, the bay area native, has TONS of bay area fans. They all lined up 2 hrs early for his show, and half of them even made reservations earlier last week at the restuarant to secure a seat. Fans were between the ages of 25 – 40, with sprinkles of college students and kids!

After the performance we auctioned off a Gibson guitar, not only signed, but tuned, by Jackie Greene to the highest bidder. The money went to Hard Rock’s Ambassador charity fund (the entire staff was enamored with him).

Before the performance we sold 43 units, after the performance we sold 40 more! Totalling to 83 units! Below are pictures from the event.

(we put a 3×3 sign right at the front entrance of the venue and restuarant.)


(Jackie signing the Auctioned Gibson guitar)

People eagerly lining up to buy their copy of the cd!

Outside during the signing (all of these people bought a cd)

(even the kid)

(right after the kid, we had only lucky lady who wanted a tramp stamp!)


May 4, 2010

Jackyl’s Jesse James Dupree: The Metalsucks Hoedown

I’m going to be completely honest with you: I wanted to interview Jackyl vocalist Jesse James Dupree because I wanted to meet the man whose obituary will lead with the phrase “Was well-known for his chainsaw solos.” Dupree is a really good singer and Jackyl have some totally kick-ass songs, but, really, I just wanted to know what this dude who one day said “Fuck guitar solos, I can do that shit with my motherfuckin’ chainsaw” was like.

Really, really nice, and incredibly funny, as it turns out. He and I could not be from more different worlds, but even when he said a couple of things that I thought were questionable – I’m also wary of anyone who uses the phrase “the real America” – he was just such a incredibly cool dude that I didn’t care. I like to concentrate on what people similar, not different, y’know? And Jesse James Dupree and I are very similar, in that we both think that the idea of a chainsaw solo is completely fucking awesome.

Jackyl have a new album out tomorrow, aptly titled When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide. It includes a single called “My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine’s Ass.” If you don’t love that, you need to pull the stick out of your ass. On the eve of the album’s release, I sat down with Dupree to discuss all things Jackyl. Read the full transcript of our chat after the jump

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NEW launched today!

March 25, 2010

Visit the new – A new look, same great vision! Take a look around and enjoy all the new features!!!