A Conversation with Prefab Sprout’s Paddy McAloon

MR: Paddy, you’re new album is titled Let’s Change The World With Music. You’re serious about that, aren’t you.

PM: Doesn’t your copy of the record have a giant As if… stenciled beneath the title?

MR: (laughs)

PM: There is an actual title track, but–for various incredibly boring reasons–it failed to make the final selection. Shame, as it might have allowed me to duck this question…which I’m going to do anyway!

MR: So, after listening to the first track “Let There Be Music,” you seem to equate it with creation which many eastern religions believe is the basis of creation. Is that where you stand?

PM: I thought it a nice concept. You know, God as invisible but audible. Like ad men, songwriters are always looking for a new angle. And as there are no new ideas under the sun, we end up retreading some old news. Beaten to the finishing line by incense burning ascetics, probably.

MR: In “Ride,” are you calling out those who would “Ride, ride, home to Jesus…” as in those who are hypocritical about it?

PM: It’s simply a song about goodness, about doing the right thing.

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Prefab Sprout – Let’s Change The World With Music (TSQ2493/894807002493/C15) Available Now!


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