New Blackmore’s Night CD Autumn Sky Tops New Age Charts

Autumn Sky, the new album by “fantasy folk rock” band Blackmore’s Night, has zoomed straight to the top of the Billboard New Age chart.

The 15-song album by legendary guitarist and Fender signature artist Ritchie Blackmore and his wife, Candice Night, was released in the United States on Jan. 18, 2011, and promptly began its rapid chart ascent. This calls to mind the feat of the last Blackmore’s Night album, 2008’s Secret Voyage, which debuted atop the chart and remained in the top ten for 72 weeks.

Autumn Sky continues the band’s now two-decade, eight-album tradition of rock-meets-the-Renaissance music and atmosphere, with Blackmore and Night ably supported by the seven-piece Blackmore’s Night Band. And on a touchingly personal note, the album is dedicated to Blackmore and Night’s newborn daughter, Autumn Esmerelda Blackmore, with whom Night was pregnant during the making of the album.

As always, the nature, myth and fairy tale-inspired lyrics are by Night, with Blackmore composing the melodies and building the arrangements based on musical structures of the early 1600s. Blackmore’s Night is known for its deft combination of traditional and modern-day instrumentation, including keyboards, violins, acoustic guitar, shawm (a medieval woodwind), chanter (a horn of the bagpipe family) and, of course, the electric guitar prowess for which Blackmore is so famous.

The great guitarist was just awarded with the “Honorary Medal of the Prime Minister of Armenia” for his work with the Rock Aid Armenia Project, a humanitarian effort by the British music industry to raise funds for those affected by the devastating 1988 Leninakan earthquake in Armenia. The project is known for its star-studded re-recording of the Blackmore-penned 1972 Deep Purple hit “Smoke On the Water,” in which the guitarist played one of the most famous guitar riffs in rock history. The charity recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Blackmore’s Night returns to the road this summer, with several German tour dates scheduled for July and August.

Blackmore’s Night – Autumn Sky (FONINT1376/602527501376/C14) available now


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