Mark Salling Featured On Yahoo!

October 28, 2010

Mark Salling’s “The New Now” segment is featured on the Yahoo HOMEPAGE right now!

Direct link below:

Mark Salling / Pipe Dreams (PDR001 / 044003119024 / C12)

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Pete Yorn – Entertaiment Weekly Stream

September 24, 2010

Pete Yorn’s new album is streaming love on Entertainment Weekly’s website..

Dig it:

Pete Yorn / Pete Yorn (VR626 / 601091062627 / J12) – 9/28/10


September 21, 2010

Happening this week:

Tired Pony / The Place We Ran From (MP0182 / 858275001822 / C13) – 9/28/10

J Roddy/Black Star Beer promo

September 16, 2010

J. Roddy….all over the Blackstar beer web site:

J Roddy Walston And The Business / J Roddy Walston And The Business (VR596 / 601091059627 / J10) – Out Now

First Aid Kit “Ghost Town” video on Spin TV!

September 15, 2010

FIRST AID KIT video premiere now live on SPIN, check it out!

First Aid Kit / The Big Black & The Blue – (WEBB222CD / 5055036262224 / C11) – OU Now

Ozomatli vs KCRW Soundclash Remix Project

April 12, 2010

Ozomatli vs KCRW Soundclash
Remix Project

Five KCRW DJ’s remix songs from the Grammy-winning Latin ensemble’s latest release on Mercer Street / Downtown Records

Los Angeles-based public radio station KCRW (89.9FM and is proud to announce their latest exclusive CD release — the Ozomatli vs KCRW Soundclash Remix Project.Grammy-winning Latin ensemble Ozomatli is one of LA’s proudest musical exports, serving as Cultural Ambassadors – both literally and figuratively – for the city’s melting pot of musical influences.

KCRW Music Director and host of Morning Becomes Eclectic Jason Bentley, Anthony Valadez, Aaron Byrd, Anne Litt and Tom Schnabel all remix songs from the collective’s soon-to-be-released fifth studio album “Fire Away” as part of this unique creative collaboration between KCRW and Mercer Street / Downtown Records. (see below for tracklisting)

“The Soundclash series was envisioned as a chance for KCRW DJs to get more involved in the creative process of an artist we feel strongly about and the results of the Ozo Soundclash are truly inspired,” said Bentley.

“Take Anne Litt’s re-imagining of the vocals for "Love Comes Down," with a capella group Sonos, or the subtle beauty of the sitar performance on Anthony Valadez’ version of the same song. Tom Schnabel turns in a dreamy and soulful take on the song "45" and Aaron Byrd transforms "Are You Ready" into a frenetic percussion workout. Each remix is unique and represents the individuality of the talented crew we have on air here at KCRW.”
This is the second installment of the Soundclash series, where KCRW DJs take a turn remixing a favorite, socially conscious artist. Femi Kuti vs KCRW was released in 2009.

KCRW was the first radio station to play Ozomatli’s music, long before they were signed to a label. The station also hosted their live performance debut in 1997 on Morning Becomes Eclectic. They will make their 7th appearance on Morning Becomes Eclectic Thursday, April 22 at 11:15am.

The six-song Ozomatli vs KCRW Soundclash EP, which also includes Ozomatli’s original version of their single “It’s Only Paper” from “Fire Away,” can be heard streaming in its entirety on

Also, the “Love Comes Down” remix from Anthony Valadez is available as a free download on and media outlets are welcome to offer it on their own sites as well. Find all of this and more here:

Like KCRW, Ozomatli is a quintessential Los Angeles cultural institution and, on the verge of the release of their fifth studio album, the band isas essential as they’ve ever been, showcasing one of the most exciting and progressive sounds in Latin music.

Don’t miss their appearance at the Hollywood Bowl when they perform as part of KCRW’s World Festival on Sunday, September 19. Also, Ozomatli have an in-store performance scheduled for their release day at Amoeba Music, Hollywood on April 20, 2010 at 6pm.

Ozomatli vs KCRW Soundclash Tracklisting

1. Love Comes Down (Anne Litt remix)
Produced by Anne Litt and Mark Kilian. Featuring Sonos (vocals), Julio Moreno (percussion), Kim Carroll (charango). Mixed by Casey Stone.

2. 45 (Tom Schnabel remix)
Produced by Jeff Rona

3. Love Comes Down (Anthony Valadez remix)
Produced by A. Valadez. Featuring I, Ced (Keys & Bass), Itai Shapira (Sitar), Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (Strings), Mixed by Itai Shapira.

4. Are You Ready (it’sAByrd’s Bundao remix)
Produced by Aaron Byrd for SCS Productions

5. Malagasy Shock (Jason Bentley remix)
Produced by Jason Bentley and Chris "Smitty" Smith. Featuring Tom Holkenborg (bass, guitar)

6. It’s Only Paper

Ozomatli / Fire Away (DWT70148 / 878037014822 / C14) – 4/20/10

Dan Black “Alone” Live at Spaceland

April 8, 2010

Hi All,

Check out the footage from Dan’s performance in February at Spaceland in Los Angeles.

Dig it.

Dan Black / ((un)) – ( THCD21 / 852974002173 / FM)