Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones Finally Gets the DVD Treatment
by Marc Spitz October 11, 2010, 6:30 PM

As far as Rolling Stones concert films go, Ladies and Gentlemen The Rolling Stones (out today on DVD and Blu-ray) doesn’t have the elemental status of the Maysles Brothers’ dark verite Gimme Shelter. It lacks the notoriety of Robert Frank’s unreleased but often bootlegged Cocksucker Blues. It has no marquee director like Hal Ashby (1983’s Let’s Spend the Night Together) or Martin Scorsese (2008’s Shine A Light). It’s been on ice for the entire home entertainment era, but it merits a place among the better known classics because you simply will not find the Rolling Stones looking or sounding any better than they do here. Director Rollin Binzer spent over a year editing footage intended for the Frank film. “Then Rolling Stones Records President Marshall Chess realized they’d never be able to release Cocksucker Blues,” Binzer told me by phone last week, “they already at that time couldn’t get into three countries because of their drug bust—they didn’t need any more problems, you know

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