Judas Priest Frontman Avoids Killing Producer On Halford IV
Rob Halford recalls how a medical emergency turned into comedy while recording Made of Metal.
By Jon Wiederhorn
Last spring, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford was in the studio working on material for his new album Halford IV — Made of Metal (in stores this week) when things almost went very wrong.

Halford had noticed his guitarist, co-writer and producer Roy Z was chugging coffee like Gatorade to stay awake after a late night. “Two hours later, we’re working on a track and he turns to me and goes, ‘Whoa, I have to stop and take a break. My heart’s racing. I’m really freaking out here,’ ” Halford recalled.

Fearing he was having a heart attack, Roy called 911 and an ambulance screeched into the studio parking lot, lights flashing.

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