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Butler is one of the most influential musicians in metal history. His massive, rumbling bass lines on Black Sabbath albums from the debut all the way through 1983’s Born Again. He returned for 1992’s Dehumanizer and 1994’s Cross Purposes, the 1997 reunion with Ozzy, and was of course a member of Heaven and Hell until Ronnie James Dio‘s death earlier this year. Butler’s rhythm section work with drummer Bill Ward on the first four Sabbath albums is, without exaggeration, staggering; they combine crushing heaviness with a jazzy/bluesy swing that none of the doom metal acts that have followed in their wake have been able to match. (Only the Obsessed have even come close.) I got to talk to him in connection with the June 29 release of a DVD in the Classic Albums series of in-depth documentaries, this one dealing with Black Sabbath’s second album, Paranoid.

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