Instore: Jackie Greene Instore
Venue: the Hard Rock Cafe in San Fransisco
Date: 6/29/10, Tuesday
Time: 6pm

Jackie Greene, the bay area native, has TONS of bay area fans. They all lined up 2 hrs early for his show, and half of them even made reservations earlier last week at the restuarant to secure a seat. Fans were between the ages of 25 – 40, with sprinkles of college students and kids!

After the performance we auctioned off a Gibson guitar, not only signed, but tuned, by Jackie Greene to the highest bidder. The money went to Hard Rock’s Ambassador charity fund (the entire staff was enamored with him).

Before the performance we sold 43 units, after the performance we sold 40 more! Totalling to 83 units! Below are pictures from the event.

(we put a 3×3 sign right at the front entrance of the venue and restuarant.)


(Jackie signing the Auctioned Gibson guitar)

People eagerly lining up to buy their copy of the cd!

Outside during the signing (all of these people bought a cd)

(even the kid)

(right after the kid, we had only lucky lady who wanted a tramp stamp!)


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