Weird at My School: Frank Fairfield’s Pawn Records presents Unheard Ofs & Forgotten Abouts

My record collecting isn’t quite worthy of an episode of Hoarders or a psychology textbook, but it’s borderline. What keeps me on the right side of the threshold? I have never descended down the rabbit hole of collecting shellac ‘78s. Partially because I have enough trouble explaining to my partner why I’m forever squandering precious rent money on new wave picture discs, but mostly because a) the party scene in Ghost World creeped me out and b) there are plenty of fine labels like Dust-to-Digital and Archeophone Records who preserve the best of the best of these rarities on more conventional formats, like compact disc and LP.

Old-time Los Angeles musician Frank Fairfield, who released a debut album last year that sounds like it could’ve been compiled from old shellac discs, is braver — or more foolish, depending on your point-of-view — than I am. He’s been collecting ‘78s for quite a few years, and while he readily admits that most of the good jazz and hillbilly records have long since been snapped up by other collectors or trade for absurd sums of money, he still turns up treasures. His secret? Collecting records that haven’t necessarily been deemed “collectibles” yet.

For entire article and to view a clip of FRANK FAIRFIELD performing LIVE, click here:

V/A – Frank Fairfield’s Pawn Records Presents Unheard Ofs & Forgotten Abouts (TSQ2387/894807002387/F13) Available Now!


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