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New York Times album review ran in Jon Pareles’s Sunday, June 27th playlist.

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“Irresistible” – The New York Times

The Like

The producer Mark Ronson loves analog-era rock and soul, especially as delivered by unruly women like Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse. Now he’s found a four-woman garage-rock band: the Like, from Los Angeles. The Like’s members have music-business dads — the lead singer, Z Berg, is the daughter of the producer Tony Berg, and Tennessee Thomas, on drums, is the daughter of Pete Thomas, Elvis Costello’s drummer — and a flop 2005 debut album of glossy California pop. On their second album, “Release Me” (Downtown), they’re backdated and riled up, playing 1960s equipment and coming up with songs that give errant boyfriends what they deserve: “If I could smack some sense into his senses I might feel all right.” With fuzzed guitar answered by jabs of organ, the songs go hurtling forward, racing through melodic ideas. The tough girl group is hardly a new concept — ask Blondie or the Donnas — but done right, like this, it’s irresistible.

The Like / Release Me (DWT70159 / 878037015928 / C13)


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