Enforcer Singer Grew Up a Swedish Metalhead

Enforcer just released ‘Diamonds,’ the Swedish act’s sophomore album. It’s essential listening for any Noisecreep readers who like their metal lean, mean and surrounded by arena-worthy choruses. Adam Zaars and Joseph Thall step up as a guitar team we should all keep our eyes on, while vocalist Olaf Wikstrand proves that all of the touring the band did in support of their debut album, ‘Into the Night,’ has only strengthened his already powerhouse vocal chops.

We wanted to learn more about Enforcer and their Swedish heavy metal upbringings, so Noisecreep made some calls and got in touch with Heavy Artillery, the band’s U.S. label, and asked them to hook us up with an interview.

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Enforcer – Diamonds CD (HA5501323/802215501323/C13) Available Now & LP (HA5501316/802215501316/L19) Available 6/8!!


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