Jackyl’s Jesse James Dupree: The Metalsucks Hoedown

I’m going to be completely honest with you: I wanted to interview Jackyl vocalist Jesse James Dupree because I wanted to meet the man whose obituary will lead with the phrase “Was well-known for his chainsaw solos.” Dupree is a really good singer and Jackyl have some totally kick-ass songs, but, really, I just wanted to know what this dude who one day said “Fuck guitar solos, I can do that shit with my motherfuckin’ chainsaw” was like.

Really, really nice, and incredibly funny, as it turns out. He and I could not be from more different worlds, but even when he said a couple of things that I thought were questionable – I’m also wary of anyone who uses the phrase “the real America” – he was just such a incredibly cool dude that I didn’t care. I like to concentrate on what people similar, not different, y’know? And Jesse James Dupree and I are very similar, in that we both think that the idea of a chainsaw solo is completely fucking awesome.

Jackyl have a new album out tomorrow, aptly titled When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide. It includes a single called “My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine’s Ass.” If you don’t love that, you need to pull the stick out of your ass. On the eve of the album’s release, I sat down with Dupree to discuss all things Jackyl. Read the full transcript of our chat after the jump

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