Giuseppi Logan Quintet

The Giuseppi Logan Quintet

Tompkins Square 


The existence of a new Giuseppi Logan album is cause enough for celebration. Logan released two hard avant garde jazz albums in 1965 before disappearing. Substance abuse and a spell living on the streets of New York had some texts presuming him dead. But Logan was found last year. He saved some coin for a new saxophone and leads a tight quintet through eight tracks here.

Logan was a studied instrumentalist back in the day, though the abrasive nature of the music had some wondering if he was a savant or a hack. Forty-five years later, the ferocity of the music has mellowed considerably, but the thickety ideas and patterns here suggest he always knew what he was doing.

There’s a cracked beauty to his tone, not pure or fluid, but honest and his own. The original compositions are enjoyable, but more interesting is hearing Logan creak his way through sacred pieces such as Over the Rainbow and Blue Moon. The voicing he pulls from his saxophone is welcome back.

The Giuseppi Logan Quintet – The Giuseppi Logan Quintet (TSQ2325/894807002325/C14) Available Now!


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