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”They are the Coen Brothers set to musIc, wIth theIr vIvId and twIsted Imagery weavIng through every lyrIc, curvIng around every cello chord.”

“…the album as a whole works as the soundtrack to a traveling carnival to rival the one from Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes, each individual song is its own tableau of drunken regret, hopeful longing, and bittersweet realization.”

“Like fIne whIskey, even not so fIne whIskey, there’s a stIng, then a warmth, and a deep sense of longIng that can’t be drowned wIth just one swIg, wIth just one lIsten. “


“Good Morning, Magpie is debuting in early April, and is sure to top the charts as one of the best indie-folk albums of the year. Defying current musical stereotypes and redefining what true Americana and Folk really are, the newest addition to the MBD discography will be sure to keep you enthralled for quite some time.”

Riverfront Times

“If you were ever looking for the perfect soundtrack as you sharpen a set of knives, this is it.”

New Haven Register

“I’ve heard Indiana’s Murder By Death’s upcoming record. It’s brilliant. Seriously.”

“…the band paints a lush dark picture of the whiskey-soaked underbelly of American back roads. If Johnny Cash had spent some time collaborating with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the result may have been something like this.”

Consequence of Sound

“Murder By Death has created a solid resume of creepy party music”

Review Rinse Repeat

“Good MornIng, MagpIe Is a success for Murder By Death”

Frantik Magazine

“…raise your glasses for a toast to one of this year’s best albums so far. Farm fresh and genuinely superb”

Man With A Megaphone

”Very rarely am I left speechless. After I fIrst got to lIsten to my promotIonal copy of Murder By Death’s sIxth record Good MornIng, MagpIe, I was left wIth very lIttle to say. I thInk I told myself In my head, “I just lIstened to the best album of 2010” after repeat lIstens, I stIll feel that way. Except the record Is better every tIme. So what does that say exactly? Im not sure, expect that Murder By Death have released theIr magnus opus.”


“Overall this album is both lyrically and musically amazing, and some their best work to date.”

You Sing, I Write

“I have yet to hear an album as versatile and powerful as Murder By Death’s upcoming release, Good Morning, Magpie.”

Snobs Music

“…sounds like ditties The Pogues would play had they been born in Great Smoky Mountains”

“In Good Morning, Magpie Murder By Death has created a roots near-masterpiece that should appeal to fans of everyone from Drive-By Truckers to Dr. Dog to Johnny Cash. It’s not a stretch to say we have an early Album of the Year contender on our hands.”


“…a terrific album from start to finish.”

Comfort Comes

Decoy Music (not a totally positive review)

(Murder By Death “Good Morning, Magpie” VR591 / 601091059122 / C13)


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