AAO Music is proud to announce the release of Dave ‘Bucket’ Colwell’s album Guitars, Beers & Tears on the REALITY label on June 8, 2010.

Not since his contributions on the Bad Company releases Company of Strangers and Tales Told and Untold has Colwell written and performed so extensively on an album.

Guitars, Beers & Tears  has been a labor of love for Colwell which has been over three years in the making.  Colwell wrote and produced the entire album which is a classic dedication to rock music.

In order to complete the album ‘Bucket’ enlisted the help of his  many friends and colleagues from his early years working with Iron Maiden through his 14 year tenure with Bad Company.  The culmination is a 12 song classic album performed by an amazing group of rock stars and showcases the ever growing talent of Dave ‘Bucket’ Colwell as a writer and guitarist.  His work as a guitarist has already garnered ‘Bucket’ induction in the Harrod’s Guitar Hall of Fame.  This honor was bestowed upon ‘Bucket’ in 2007.

Peter G. Kuys, Chairman of AAO Music, has been personally involved in stering this project.  When asked about Guitars, Beers & Tears, Kuys said “this is a great rock project for our REALITY label and a chance to revisit our rock roots in 2010.  I feel this album has the ability to be one of the best rock albums of the 21st Century.  Dave is not only an exceptional rock guitarist but is also one of rock’s greatest writers — a true Rock God.”

Dave “Bucket” Colwell – Guitars, Beers, & Tears (info to come) available 6/8/10


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