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Wow!  Another great week for Bigbang!  This time 15 stations charted the album, and 6 of them were Priority-1 stations, which means that the album moved up to #99 on the CMJ Radio 200 chart!    The spins, according to Mediaguide, came in from WITR (Rochester NY), KXCI (Tucson AZ), WCLH (Scranton PA), WRFL (Lexington KY), WDBM (Lansing MI) and KWVA (Eugene OR), and “Call Me” was the most played song over the past 7 days.

Stations that charted Bigbang this week:

WAMH Amherst MA #23

WARY Valhalla NY #15

WBIM Bridgewater MA #13

WGLS Glassboro NJ #12

WITR Rochester NY (P1) (M) #16

WLFR Pomona NJ (M) #18

WMCO New Concord OH #18

WONC Naperville IL (P1) #21

WONY Oneonta NY #13

WRBC Lewiston ME #26

WRFL -1 Lexington KY (P1) (M) #29

WRSU New Brunswick NJ (P1) #29

WUMD North Dartmouth MA (P1) #6

WVIA Pittston PA (P1) (A) (M) #28

WXAC Reading PA #19

(P1) – Priority-1 Station

(M) – Mediaguide Monitored Station

(A) – CMJ AAA Reporter

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