Here is the spotlight story from Rush’s website today (
Story #7: ‘Tis the Season for Mannheim Steamroller Bumps 

RUSH: If you are a new listener to the EIB Network since this time a year ago you’re listening to Mannheim Steamroller.  They are part of our Christmas bumper music rotation this time of year, and I assume by now everybody’s heard of Mannheim Steamroller, but if you haven’t, and if you like Christmas music, this stuff is so great.  It is so nice.  Chip Davis is Mannheim Steamroller, three or four other people, and they’re on tour right now.  They’re going to be here next week, Mannheim Steamroller at the Kravitz Center? Next week? Well, fabuloso! We’ll get a list of where they’re going to be, because they do a great show as well.  

Mannheim Steamroller – Christmas 25th Anniversary Collection (AG25252/012805252522/C18) Available Now!


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