Harper Simon: Out Of The Shadows


Singer-songwriter Harper Simon comes with some serious music bona fides: He’s the son of Paul Simon, performed as a teenager with his dad on tour and, as a young adult, studied at the Berklee College of Music. For his debut record, Simon headed to Music City and corralled a who’s-who of studio hands to match his own musical pedigree, including Elvis bassist Mike Leech and Bob Dylan backing man Charlie McCoy.

It’s easy to rag on Harper for his privileged background, but once you listen to music this winsome and gorgeous, it’s impossible to hate. In “Shooting Star,” Simon spins a lovely, slide-guitar-laden country-rock ballad accented with his keening croon, which eerily resembles that of the late Elliott Smith. (Here’s a tip for aspiring singer-songwriters: Adding some pedal-steel guitar to a song will always make it sound 10 times better.) On the surface, Simon tells the tale of a crumbling relationship, but closer listening suggests that the 37-year-old may be hinting at his own Sisyphean quest to step out of his father’s enormous shadow. “With a steely guitar and a microphone,” he sings, “I hope that you will find your way.” Judging by “Shooting Star,” Simon already has.

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