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Judas Priest’s famed, legendary vocalist Rob Halford has a new album of Christmas songs about to drop called “Winter Songs” and we have a simple question for you, are you gonna have a rockin’ Christmas? Or ARE YOU GONNA HAVE A ROCKING EFFING CHRISTMAS???!!! Eeeeeyeah—ahhh! Actually, what might seem to be a horrible mismatch on the surface with The Metal God singing songs like “We Three Kings” is actually a beautiful thing with pulsing rhythms, melodic guitars in unison and soaring, chorale inspired vocals. “Winter Songs” rocks, yet still retains the sensitivity of the season and won’t let down die hard Metal fans either. It seems to us at ROCKLINE that Halford has actually found an explored niche and scored a touchdown with it. It’s one thing with your family when it’s time to play Christmas songs and you break out the Harry Connick as a compromise, OK, not as a compromise, as a concession. But when your friends are gathered round there’s no way in hell you’re going near a Michael Buble album. Until now the coolest thing you could whip out was the Lynyrd Skynyrd Christmas album or some Trans Siberian Orchestra. Now you can pull out an album that will make your friends say where the hell did you get this?

Halford – Halford III-Winter Songs (MGE7077171/879337000737/C16) Available Now!



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