New York hip hop scene gets strange, Strange Music that is!

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For years the Midwest Hip Hop scene has been growing and blowing up. Many people are familiar with Nelly and Chingy as the leaders, so to speak, of this Hip Hop movement. Unfortunately, these artists aren’t what Hip Hop purist would consider Hip Hop. “Nelly sold a lot of records, but it didn’t have much to do with the music, as much as the marketing,” one A&R at Atlantic Records shared with us, and goes on to say, ”If Hip-Hop is what your after, then Strange Music would be one of the preeminent independent labels from the Midwest to keep your eye on.”

Staying true to his advice, I reached out to Strange Music and found out what’s really crackle- lacking in the Midwest. They have a roster of artist that was surprisingly, fun & refreshing. Their mainstay Tech-Nine has sold over 1 million units over the past ten years independently. They are also home to up and comers Krizz Kalico, Cutt Calhoun, and Big Scoob to mention a few. The diversity of these artists as well as their music is putting Strange Music in a solid place amongst the industry elite.

Currently the label is on the K.O.D. Tour. They have over 50 shows lined up over the next two months and will be sure to line up more as the tour continues. When Tech Nine was asked why he felt the label was garnering as much attention and success as it has his response was simple,” Extensive touring!” If they don’t have fans in Washington, they create fans in Washington. Which is what is making their brand stronger every day.

As you are reading this you’re probably saying,” What does this have to do with NY Hip Hop?” Strange Music is bringing their sound to town November 13th 2009 at the Hammerstein Ballroom right here in New York City. The 3500 seat arena will be packed and clamoring with Strange Music and Hip Hop fans alike. “Trust me bruh, we are ready to rip it down NYC style,” clamors Big Scoob in reference to the NY show. After seeing their stage show in Jones Beach as part of the Rock the Bells tour, I could only imagine what they have in store for the home of Hip Hop.

Tech N9ne “K.O.D.” (SMI64 / 893981001643 / C18) Available 10.27


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