Exclusive First Listen: Tim Buckley
Hear The Entirety of ‘Live At The Folklore Center, NYC — March 6, 1967’

August 18, 2009 – Tim Buckley was just 20 years old in 1967, when Izzy Young asked him to play above his store on Sixth Avenue in New York City. Young had never heard Buckley’s music, but after several hours of conversation he knew exactly what he stood for — and that was enough for Young. In front of a small crowd of 35, Young set up a field recording kit amidst stacks of books and records and flipped the reels every now and again, as Buckley played completely unadorned

Following one self-titled record, and with Goodbye and Hello coming just a few months later, Live at the Folklore Center, NYC reveals Buckley the singer-songwriter. Stripped of a backing band and string arrangements, these songs show the influences of Bob Dylan and Fred Neil — Buckley covers “Dolphins” here — more than any of his studio work. Without a rhythm section on folk-rockers like “I Never Asked to be Your Mountain,” Buckley strums furiously, resulting in a hypnotic acoustic drone that beds Buckley’s soaring vocals.

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Tim Buckley – Live At The Folklore Center, NYC – March 6, 1967 (TSQ2189 / 894807002189 / C16) Available 8/25/09


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