The kids are all right! And they love the ’60s

A new generation finds inspiration from the love children of another age

By Tony Sclafani contributor
updated 6:08 a.m. PT, Mon., Aug 10, 2009
You see other people their age on Facebook and MySpace who list the Doors and Jimi Hendrix as their favorite artists. You can hear in it musicians as diverse as the indie group the Fleet Foxes, who claim Simon & Garfunkel as a major inspiration, and retro-loving “American Idol” contestant Brooke White. “The music of that time has a warmth that doesn’t exist in music today,” says White, who is 25 and started listening to older music as a kid. “Over time, the music became a full-on obsession and to this day classic old music is what I love to listen to.”

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