Brooke White And Elvis Costello Are Kindred Spirits

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Before rock critics start harassing me in the comments, hear me out.

Both Brooke and Elvis had infamous false starts on live television. Elvis freaked out NBC execs when he sang a few bars of “Less Than Zero” before ripping into “Radio Radio” on “Saturday Night Live” in 1977. Meanwhile, Brooke re-started “You Must Love Me” after having a brain fart over the lyrics on Andrew Lloyd Webber night.

Both Brooke and Elvis also love wearing hats. And both Brooke and Elvis released singles called “Radio Radio.”

But don’t assume Brooke’s “Radio Radio” is a cover, kids. (“Idol” singers don’t just do karaoke! I swear!) As Brooke White told us this week, the only thing her “Radio Radio” shares with Costello’s is the title.

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