Believe it or not, Ted Nugent has a softer side. Though the legendary hard rocker is better known for his Tarzan-like stage antics, affinity for hunting and conservative political views, the Motor City Madman  also spends his time with terminally ill children in an effort to raise their spirits. “I can’t remember a year that went by since the ’60s that I haven’t done this,” Nugent tells Spinner. “I find it amazing that these little kids can connect with an old fart like me. I’m probably the ultimate youth counselor in America, dare I say.”

The visits, set up by foundations like Make-A-Wish, Wish Upon a Star and Hunt of a Lifetime, bring the children to Nugent’s SpiritWild Ranch in Texas for days of fun. Two of the most recent visitors, 5-year-old Macon Lynn, who’s suffering from inoperable brain cancer, and 6-year-old Brianna Curry, who’s fighting a brain tumor and happens to be a fan of Nugent’s music. “They all love going four-wheeling, exploring the wild grounds here and seeing the wildlife — the deer, ducks, geese, herons and turtles — so there’s always something fascinating,” Nugent says. “Little Brianna and I stopped and picked a bunch of wildflowers and I laid down in the field made angels like you do in the snow — just being a complete dork and she laughed. I’m sure the chemo and radiation and pain and the ugliness was gone for a little while. It’s just very magical.”…CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE

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