November 24, 2010



Show airs Sunday, November 28th on Centric at 9pm


Gyptian-Hold You (VP1867/054645186728/C15) Available Now!


November 22, 2010

Big L’s Unfinished Business

The young rapper had a killer sound.  Then the street rubbed him out.

Big L-Return of The Devil’s Son (SMC462/852819004621/C18) Available Now!


November 12, 2010

Bay Area super group Keak Da Sneak, Messy Marv & P.S.D back by popular demand

San Francisco, CA- Bay Area rap legends Keak Da Sneak, Messy Marv & P.S.D. are set to release the follow album to their release Da Bidness which took the streets by storm and impacted the Billboard charts in 2007. Back by popular demand Da Bidness Part II will be out this month.  The album features a stellar track listing with appearances by a few of their friends: E-40, Baby Bash, Husalah, the Hoodstarz and hit R&B group Jagged Edge.

Each artist has had a long and successful career in the Bay Area music scene with die-hard fans all over the world. Keak Da Sneak has had a fruitful career with the pinnacle of his success being the National attention her brought to the local Hyphy music scene. Messy Marv was brought up by the streets of San Francisco and is known as one of the biggest rappers to ever come out of the city. P.S.D. a native of Vallejo got his start in music from Mac Dre, who has grown to iconic status since his death, first appearing on one of his compilations and later forming a group with him.

Currently P.S.D is in jail and awaiting trial for alleged charges that were brought against him. He was the heart of this project and had been working on the album upon his arrest. That’s when Keak Da Sneak and Messy Marv came in to complete the project for him; which was the icing on the cake.

After waiting over three years fans all over Northern California and beyond will be treated to some of the best of what the Bay has to offer. With their follow up album this tremendous trio proves that they still know how to handle business.

Da Bidness Part II is in stores and available online through Thizz Nation / SMC Recordings on November 23, 2010.

For more info on Da Bidness Part II visit

Keak Da Sneak, PSD & Messy Marv-Da Bidness Part 2 (SMC337/852819003372/C18)

November 1, 2010

After the success of his smash single “Right Here,” Erk Tha Jerk readies his debut album

San Francisco, CA- Bay Area sensation Erk Tha Jerk is set to release his debut album, Nerds Eye View on SMC Recordings. The anticipated album is due out on the heels from the buzz of his single “Right Here” a hugely popular hit in California. “I just wanted something completely melodic yet dirty enough that it would have a hard time getting played on the radio.” Erk jokes about the singles creation. “I was playing around one night and made it and  then Big Von of KMEL grabbed it and it became a big single.”  The censored version became one of 106 KMEL’s (San Francisco) most played songs, and charted on Billboard’s Top 100 Hip Hop/R&B singles, and the video was in heavy rotation on MTV Jams.

Thanks to the unforeseen hit the stage is set for his debut. “This album is my autobiography. No grandiose tales of  ‘big ballin’ and ‘kingpin status.’ It’s for people that are working to keep their head above water just enough to see the next day, whether it be a 9 to 5, entertainment wise, school or whatever you do.” Erk shared “It’s about trying to make a way out of no way.”

Erk Tha Jerk’s strengths as an emcee, songwriter and producer are undeniable after one listen to Nerds Eye View. On top of producing half the album including it’s two lead singles, Erk tackles life from the fresh perspective of an uber-talented musician trapped in a working class hero’s life. The album takes on his personal relationships (“Can’t Let You Go”), being a father (“How Do You Love Me”), not to mention life’s simplest pleasures (“Right Here” & “Hands Up”). 

The album title, Nerds Eye View was inspired by the signature black rimmed glasses that he wears. “I’ve been using the term ‘nerd’ since I was a teen. People always associate glasses with being a nerd, so the title is  is how I view things with through these glasses.” Erk said.

With the follow up smash starting to rear it’s head in “Hands Up” Erk’s ready to have people start seeing things his way.

Nerds Eye View in stores and available online November 9th on Red Planet/SMC Recordings.

For more on Erk Tha Jerk visit: & 

Erk Tha Jerk-Nerd’s Eye View (SMC458/852819004584/C15) Available 11/9/10


October 21, 2010


Introducing Lylit: Austrian Bombshell!

‘Unexpected’ – Exclusive EP for iTunes – Oct 26th

NYC-  One Voice. One Light. One Sound. One Lylit.

This blond-haired, blue-eyed stunning singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist is making waves, splashing into the U.S with her warmth and genuine soulful vocal sensibilities.

Believe it!!!

Lylit’s a singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist.

Growing up in a musical family and honing her initial promise under a church steeple serving as the organist and founding and directing the first gospel choir ever heard in the hills of her Austrian countryside -

twelve years old at the time and already a vet.

Just off a successful tour in UK and Amsterdam with labelmates Keith Sweat and Joe. Lylit is gearing up for a whirlwind future! 

One listen to her Kedar Ent Group Debut ‘Unexpected’ EP and you know its genuine, genre-defying and inventive.

The EP will be available exclusively through iTunes on Oct 26th, seven purely contagious and undeniably catchy songs.

Get to know Lylit as she reveals the first of many layers with the debut single off of ‘Unexpected’ called “The Plan” and the magnificent full-length album due in March ’11. 

For more information check the EPK

Socialize with Lylit here: <> <> <> <> <> <>

Lylit-Unexpected (itunes exclusive) Available 10/26/10

October 14, 2010



On the 10 year anniversary of Big L’s posthumous release going Gold,

his family releases brand new album
New York, NY – SMC Recordings, along with Distrolord Inc, is set for a huge release from New York rapper Big L, close to 12 years after his death. Since his passing, albums have been released under the guise of the Big L imprint, but none except his sophomore release was official. Ten years later, Big L fans will be able to enjoy all unreleased material with his newest album Return of the Devil’s Son and know that this is an official project backed by the family.

“This album is supported 100% by the Big L family.” Said Big L’s older brother Donald Phinazee “I’ve been talking about this album for the last six years and it means everything to me. This is an original Big L album and I’m excited to put my brother out.”

Lamont Coleman aka Big L, a witty and lyrical Harlem rapper, was buzzing in the underground hip hop scene in the early 90’s; running with the likes of Cam’Ron and Mase, who shot to stardom during this time. His Columbia Records debut in 1995 was mildly successful. Then in 1999 when he was just 24, Big L was killed and the case still remains unsolved. Around this time, an independently released single was getting spins on local radio and in 2000 his posthumous second album was received by acclaim and phenomenal sales.

Return of the Devil’s Son has 21 unreleased songs, including “Right To The Top” featuring Royal Flush and Kool G Rap.
“This album will show where he should have been and where he was about to go. It’s going on 12 years since he’s been gone. He would have been that one; this project will show where he should have been at,” said Donald Phinazee.

Return of the Devil’s Son on Distrolord/SMC Recordings will be available online and in stores November 23, 2010.

Return of The Devil’s Son-Big L (SMC462/852819004621/C18) Available 11/23/2010


September 21, 2010

Glenn Hughes Forms Black Country Communion With Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham

‘The longer we stayed in the studio, the louder we got,’ says Hughes. ‘The Marshalls came out, the Les Paul’s were hung a little lower, and we started to make rock music.’

By  Andy GreenE

Sep 21, 2010 9:00 AM EDT

Last November, blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa invited former Deep Purple and Black Sabbath vocalist Glenn Hughes to jam with him at the Houses of Blues in Los Angeles. The two had been plotting a collaborative project for some time, but didn’t know what shape it would take. Producer Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Rush, Aerosmith) caught the show and ran backstage afterward. Says Hughes: “He said to us, ‘I have a vision. Form a band with Jason Bonham on drums and Dream Theater’s ex-keyboardist Derek Sherinian.’ Derek and I looked at each other and went ‘O-o-kay,’ and then Kevin said, ‘You’ve got six weeks to record an album and you gotta come up with a name. Go!’”

Hughes and Bonamassa have different musical backgrounds, and were initially unsure what the album would sound like. “Joe is the new blues-rock guy,” says Hughes. “I come from the classic rock thing with Deep Purple, but my background is a lot of funk stuff as well. The longer we stayed in the studio, the louder we got. The Marshalls came out, the Les Paul’s were hung a little lower, and we started to make rock music.” The album — which hits stores today — was cut in just four days, with very little overdubbing. “I think the greatest records we’ve ever heard, from Zeppelin to Purple to Sabbath to The Who, were all recorded in the studio live,” says Hughes. “I’m the elder statesmen here and I’m really enjoying playing in a band again. I played with John Bonham a lot in my old band Trapeze, in 1971, and now I’m getting to play with his son thirty-nine years later.” After struggling over the right name, they settled on Black Country Communion, because Hughes and Bonham were both raised in the area of England known as Black Country.

Hughes knows that comparisons to other new supergroups Them Crooked Vultures and Chickenfoot are inevitable. “Those are my mates,” he says. “We’ve all had this dang ‘supergroup’ tag. I was around for early supergroups Blind Faith and Humble Pie. Labels don’t matter to me. Call it what you will, it’s just the right ingredients for a rock and roll band.” Things have gone so well, the band are already making plans for their second album even as they plot their inaugural tour for 2011. Hughes has no plans to revive Deep Purple or other old songs in their concerts. “We might do two or three stellar covers, and maybe a Zep song for the heritage of the Bonham name,” he says. “But I’d like to think we can do this on our own merit.”

 Black Country Communion-Black Country Communion (PRAR92338/804879233824/C17) Available TODAY


September 17, 2010

For Immediate Release                                                                         September 16, 2010



Album features Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Drake and more.

 NY, New York – The Naked Soul Of Sweet Jones, the third solo album by the late Chad Butler, aka Pimp C, a founding member of the Texas legendary duo UGK, is set to drop on October 5, 2010 on Rap-A-Lot/Fontana. Pimp was working on this project in 2007, aiming at an early 2008 release. His sudden death in December 2007 left family, friends and the hip hop community completely disoriented. Almost three years since his death, The Naked Soul Of Sweet Jones will be unveiled. The album features cameo appearances by numerous artists including Bun B, Chamillionaire, E-40, Drake, Too Short, Webbie & Lil Boosie, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy and more.

 Pimp C, along with close friend Bun B, formed the rap group UGK (Underground Kingz) in the early 90’s. The group was destined to become one of the most influential outfits in the history of Southern rap. In 1992, UGK signed to New York based label Jive Records; under this deal, the group released five successful albums (Hard To Swallow, Super Tight, Ridin’ Dirty, Dirty Money and UGK 4 Life.)

 Pimp C was responsible for most of the production on all of the UGK projects. His strong passion for live music was felt from the early days of his music career; the use of live instruments  was one of the elements that always distinguished UGK’s unique sound .

His arrest in 2002 generated a wide emotional reaction within the hip hop community; in the mix of the “Free Pimp C” movement, which was highly promoted by fellow UGK member Bun B, Rap-A-Lot Records released the first solo album, Sweet James Jones Stories in 2005. In December of the same year, Pimp was released from prison. The second solo album Pimpalation was eventually released in July of 2006.

 The group was heavily at work on the next UGK album when Pimp C was found dead in a LA hotel room on December 4, 2007. Unfortunately, UGK 4 Life turned out to be the final album for the ground breaking Southern duo. The record was released by Jive Records in 2009. The single “Intl Players Anthem” featuring Outkast garnered the group a BET Award and  their first Grammy Nomination.

For more information, please contact Roberta Magrini at

Track listing

 1.  Down 4 Mine         

Produced by Cory Mo for C-Mozart Muzik

Idea created by Scarface

2. What Up?   

feat. Drake & Bun B

Produced by Boi-1da for Boi1da Productions LLC & Nick Bongers

Original Production by DJ B-Do for 808 Boyz Productions / Team Double Dose

3. Love 2 Ball             

feat. Chamillionaire

Produced by Steve Below for Below Productions / Team Double Dose

4. Fly Lady     

feat. Jazze Pha

Produced by Jazze Pha for Noontime Productions

5. Since the 90’s        

feat. The Gator Man & E-40

Produced by Big E for Big E Beats / Team Double Dose

6. Dickies

feat. Bun B & Young Jeezy

Produced by DJ B-Do for 808 Boyz Productions / Team Double Dose

7. Made 4       

feat. Too $hort

Produced by Big E for Big E Beats / Team Double Dose & Mike Dean for Dean’s List Production

8. Midnight                 

feat. Rick Ross & Slim Thug

Produced by David Banner

9. Believe In Me

feat. Ivory P, Cory Mo, Hezeleo, BankRoll Jones, Bub, & The Underdawgz

Produced by Cory Mo for C-Mozart Muzik

10. Hit the Parking Lot

feat. Webbie & Lil’ Boosie

Produced by Mouse for Trill Productions

11. Colors                   

feat. Da Underdawgz

Produced by DJ B-Do for 808 Boyz Productions / Team Double Dose

12. Go 2 War

feat. Bun B & J-Dawg

Produced by Steve Below for Below Productions / Team Double Dose

13. Massacre

Produced by VMan Productions for All City Music / Team Double Dose

Pimp C-The Naked Soul Of Sweet Jones (440310330/044003103306/C17) In Stores 10/5!

SAVAGE (SMC) New Release Press Release

August 31, 2010


San Francisco, CA – By now, the signing of the South Pacific’s #1 Urban entertainment company, Dawn Raid Music Ltd., to an exclusive 3-year distribution deal with SMC Recordings/Fontana is old news. The new news is that Dawn Raid’s flagship Platinum artist, Savage, is readying his second US release, Savage Presents The Tribal Council, for an October 5th street date. The 2-disc set is a compilation of 32 songs showcasing the world’s best R&B, Hip Hop & Reggae artists from the South Pacific region, alongside an A-list of Platinum US stars; Akon, Pitbull, Baby Bash, E40, Talib Kweli and Bobby Valentino.

For those of you for whom Savage’s name doesn’t ring an immediate bell, take your minds back to the club scene in a little movie called, Knocked Up… Not coming to you? Well, here is the video to Swing, which garnered well over 2 millions views on YouTube alone The song was a #1 smash for Savage and catapulted him to overnight success in the US.

As wonderful as overnight success stateside was for Savage, fame was nothing new to him at all. In fact, if you ask a native of the South Pacific about Savage, you will be regaled in much the same way as if you had asked a native of Brooklyn about Biggie Smalls. Savage first stormed the New Zealand charts back in 2002 with the group he founded, The Deceptikonz, and their #2 debut album, Elimination. First released back home in New Zealand in 2004, his solo single, Swing, went instantly to #1 there, followed by Moonshine ft. Akon, which not only spent 7 weeks at #1 but introduced the world to the now super star (Akon). Moonshine was certified Platinum in June 2005 and was Akon’s first #1 hit anywhere in the world.

Back in the US, and with the help of Universal Republic and the placement of the song in Knocked Up, Swing was certified Platinum, with over 1.8 million units sold, by August, 2008. It became the highest selling New Zealand single in US history.

Now, after a brief sojourn in New Zealand for the release of his solo album, Savage Island, which had debuted on the US’ Billboard Heatseekers chart at #12, Savage is back with his brand new single, Twerk. Produced by Twice As Nice, who have several tracks on The Tribal Council, Twerk has an ass-shaking vibe that is very reminiscent of Swing.

Regardless of its origins in the world, Hip Hop’s mission to keep ‘ya ass on tha floor’ stays true. Twerk is no exception so you can definitely expect to hear it soon, in a club near you.


“Twerk” Full DJ Service Pack (all formats) -

For further information and media opportunties, kindly contact Nancy Byron, OGPR Marketing and Public Relations, Inc. (832) 220.6071 or

 Savage-Savage Island (SMC445/852819004454/C18) Available October 5th!


August 25, 2010

For Immediate Release:



Having started a buzz on the UK music scene as part of the dancehall collective Suncycle and working with the likes of Twista and Lethal B, Greensleeves Recording artist, Gappy Ranks, is set to release his debut solo album, PUT THE STEREO ON,  August 24.  The album contains 12 original tracks with production provided by the renowned Peckings Crew.

For PUT THE STERO ON Gappy Ranks set out to pay homage to the foundation that Reggae music built while bringing to the genre a direction he sees as the future of reggae music. The album opens with “Mountain Top,” Gappy’s first track to rise on the UK Reggae charts, followed by “Heaven In Her Eyes,” which remained #1 for 13 weeks on the UK Reggae Charts and introduced him to an international audience.

On the title track and first single, Put The Stereo On,” Gappy paints a vivid picture of his childhood and the music that influenced him to enter the Reggae scene. He brings the generations together with his rendition of the classic Tenor Saw tune “Pumpkin Belly.”


When recording PUT THE STEREO ON Gappy Ranks was granted access to classic reggae rhythms like the Treasure Isle rhythm featured on “Happiest Day Of My Life.” “Thy Shall Love” delivers a powerful sound and uplifting message of loving yourself and others. For the closing track, “Soul Rebel,” Gappy Ranks is accompanied by legendary UK Reggae artist Nereus Joseph.

Born and raised in the inner-city town Harlesden NW10 which is unofficially known as London’s Reggae capital, Gappy Ranks discovered his passion for music at a young age. While attending school, he strengthened his musical skills devoting most of his time to writing. He made his studio debut with the Ruff Cutt band at aged 11 and later joined Stonebridge stars Suncycle Crew. This experience helped him develop his understanding of the music business and the building of his musical repertoire. He has released numerous mix tapes and collaborated with fellow UK artists Kray Twinz, MC Lethal B and US rapper Twista.

 GAPPY RANKS-PUT THE STEREO ON (GRE2079/601811207925/c15) Available Now


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